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Honorable Awards

The company has more than 15 years of experience in contracting, trade and markets inside and outside the Kingdom, and under its management there are many companies and subsidiary institutions that are spread throughout the various cities of the Kingdom, including the Jahara Business Corner Corporation and the Smart Container Corporation for Contracting and Supplies and its branches. The first shop and Nilofer commercial stores. The company owns branches in promising Arab markets in the UAE, the Republic of Egypt, and the Comoros.

Fruit trade

Jahara Company specializes in trading all types of fruits

تعرف علي خدماتنا

Vegetable trade

Jahara Company specializes in trading all types of vegetables

تعرف علي خدماتنا

Confectionery trade

Jahara Company specializes in trading all types of sweets

تعرف علي خدماتنا

Food products trade

Jahara Company specializes in food trade in all its divisions

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Law firm and legal consultations

Jahara Company specializes in law firm and legal consultations

تعرف علي خدماتنا

team work Jihara Company

Badr Al-Atawi

Chairman of Board of Directors

Major General Mohammed Al-Hashimi

Director of Legal Affairs

Hazem Radwan

CEO of Jahara Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Mahmoud Al-Kalhi

Head of Public Supplies Sector

Raouf Hassan Tawfiq

General Manager of Jahara Company, branch of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Muhammad Atallah

sales manager

Hassan Abdel Ali

public relations manager

Turki Al-Atawi

Director of the main center, Saudi Arabia

megab Al Otaibi

Director of Financial Affairs

Sami Al-Badr

Dubai branch manager

Counselor Youssef Rifaa

المدير التنفيذي للشركه

Faisal Al-Buraiki

Chartered accountant

our Branches

Branch of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia branch

United Arab Emirates branch

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries